Rozhovor se sklepmistryní Katarzyna Estate Cecile Poille

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A love at first sight

Cecile Poille has a degree in Agronomy from Angers University (France) and in Etiology from Bordeaux University (France). She has been working for different vine-growing enterprises and wineries in France (Château Cheval Blanc, St Emilion; Château de la Tuilede, Costieres de Nimes), USA (Newton, Napa Valley), South Africa (Morgenster and L’Ormarin, Stellenbosch).


How long have you been working and living in Bulgaria, and when did you join Katarzyna Estate? Why did you decide to move to Bulgaria in the first place?

It’s three years to the day today that I’ve been living, on and off, in your country. Every time I come back to Bulgaria, I stay at Katarzyna Estate. I decided to work here because from the beginning I realized the truth about Katarzyna that the region offers optimal conditions for making good quality wines, and, most importantly, that we can make better wines because we grow our own vineyards.

What makes Katarzyna’s wines special? Why should customers choose your products over those of your many competitors?

Katarzyna wines are similar to those grown in the South hemisphere. The idea of drinking New World wine coming from Eastern Europe is something people find attractive. Our wines are of very good quality, combined with a modern design.

Where does the name Katarzyna Estate come from? Do you have a favorite wine and what is its story?

Katarzyna was the brainchild of a Pole by the name of M. Trylinksi, a passionate lover of wine, history and art. The result is an impressive and historic ‘no man’s land with a nice view to the Rodopi mountain and some of the best soils for a vineyard, plus a stated-of-the-art cellar decorated with sculptures, paintings and fresques. It’s a magic place. I like Question Mark, on one hand, because of its quality, and on the other, out of respect for its history. It was the first blend officially presented to the public and to the professionals. The marketing effort was not yet completed, the bottle did not even have a label. The only thing written on the bottle for this presentation was a single question mark: a brilliant idea for a lifetime.

What does wine tourism at Katarzyna Estate have to offer?

Katarzyna is ready to welcome tourists: we organize visits to the winery and explain the process of winemaking. Then we offer wine tasting sessions with lunch on our terrace with a superb view of the vineyards. What is more, you can make a historical trip to the village of Mezek: the old fortress and a Thracian tomb are expecting you!

How do you see the future of the cellar?

Better wines with our older vineyards, of course! Katarzyna Estate respects the environment ofcourse – both when growing grapes and when making wine. Every day, Katarzyna strives for the best.